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As a child I dreamt of drawing for the Beano and other comics. When I grew up that became a reality. For the last 50 years I have been lucky enough to bring to life some of the most iconic cartoon characters from the world of comics.


I have had the pleasure of working on the Beano and Dandy with characters such as Dennis the Menace, Roger the Dodger, Cuddles and Dimples and Banana Man. Other drawings that have been a part of my life have been such favourites as Scooby Doo, Tumble Tots and Budgie the Helicopter.



As well as working for the Beano I often take on private commissions  which can easily be secured by an email. You might also like to look at my Paintings gallery and  online shop where I have a selection of original artwork and limited edition prints for sale.


Thanks for taking time to visit my site, I hope there is something that excites you.


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